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What are Garage Door Rollers?

Garage door rollers are a key part of the garage door mechanism. These wheels run up and down the metal tracks, on each side of the door as it opens and closes, lifting your door until it’s all the way up. The process then goes in reverse to close it.

Each roller has a wheel with a metal rod that gets attached to the door frame. These rollers must be in-line with the tracks completely, otherwise the door won’t move smoothly and every movement will make a lot of noise. Not only is this bad for the rollers, but it’s also bad for all components in the mechanism.

They are essential for the smooth operation of the door. When the garage door seizes to open and close smoothly, you may need new garage door rollers. In some cases, you can fix the problem by lubricating the tracks and rollers but if that doesn’t work, new rollers might be the only answer.

Garage Door Roller Issues

There can be many issues associated to your garage door rollers. For example, you may notice that the tracks themselves are dented or loose. In those cases, the rollers could fall off the tracks or get stuck within the tracks in the damaged area. Usually, the best way to fix the problem is either by repairing the damaged tracks or replacing the broken rollers.
Garage Door Roller Replacement

types of garage door Rollers

steel garage door rollers

Steel Rollers

Steel Rollers often cost more, but they do support extra weight than their plastic counterparts. One issue people may have is that they can sound louder while moving through the tracks. Still, they are highly durable and a reliable choice for many garage door styles.
nylon garage door rollers

Nylon Rollers

Overall, the best garage door rollers are the ones made of nylon, not only because of the material they’re made of but because they include metal ball-bearings and possess a lubrication groove that can disperse lubrication for a long period of time. This makes for a noiseless experience.

plastic garage door rollers

Plastic Rollers

Rollers that have plastic wheels are the most affordable. However, they probably aren’t going to last very long when compared to the other materials used. Plus, plastic can only support so much weight. This means you should only use them in residential homes with single-panel doors. Therefore, they are quite limited.

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