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Garage Door Panel Repair

Naturally garage door panels are prone to damage, either because someone accidently drove into them with their car or maybe kids played near them and ran into them or threw something against them. However, there may be times where you just dislike the appearance, or some areas look old or worn out. Whatever the reason, a total replacement of the whole garage door is unnecessary and costly. Instead consider replacing just one or two panels.

Issues with Garage Door Panels

When Should You Replace Garage Door Panels?

At Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair, we make sure that it is safe and in your best interest to replace the panels before we do any work. We focus on the aesthetics and how it is going to look when we’re done. However, we are primarily concerned with the structural integrity of your garage door. We might recommend full door replacement if we believe that it is going to cause any issues. Generally, there are three specific times where you may want to replace a single panel or a few of them. These include:

garage door panels

Bent panels

Even steel garage door panels can get bent with time. The top panels can get bent as a result of a malfunctioning roller or broken cable. This often happens when the rollers jump off the track. The lower panels might bend if you accidentally hit the closed door with your vehicle or another heavy object.

Broken panels

Similar too bending and dents, a broken panel is also a common occurrence with many homeowners. The severity depends on the type of panel you have – steel vs glass\ insulated vs not insulated. In any case, you should expect the panels to break open or fall away from the door itself, causing a security issue and could lead to problems with the structural integrity of the door if not repaired soon.

Dented panels

Dents within the panels are the most common issue people face. This can happen even when someone throws a ball and hits the panel dead-on. It can be an impact of any kind and from any object, such as a bicycle falling on it, a baseball bat hitting it, and so on.

Why trust us as your professional garage door repair company?

If your suffering from dents, bends, or even a breakage within a panel or two, call us now! We can replace a few panels and have your garage door looking like new again.

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