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Opening the garage door might seem simple, but the opening mechanism actually uses a fairly complex operation process. Garage door cables are one of the essential parts of the opening mechanism, and issues with the cables can be both troublesome and dangerous.

Broken garage door cables can fly off and cause injury to you or your loved ones while making it impossible for the other parts of the opening mechanism to work. This is why it’s so crucial that you maintain and keep an eye on the cables attached to your garage door. If the cables are frayed or broken, you should look into repairing or replacing them, ASAP. If not, you risk potential injury or damage to you or the garage door.

Garage Door Cable Issues

When you use your garage door cables, you put them under a lot of strain. Naturally over time, this causes wear and tear, and problems can crop up.

garage door cable issues

FRAYED cables:

If your garage door cables are too old, they may not work correctly. Having garage door cables that are too old can be dangerous because the cables might not be able to withstand the strain of opening and closing the garage door. Old cables break more easily, and broken garage door cables can be incredibly dangerous.

Rust on the metal cables:

If your garage door cables are rusted, for example, this can prevent them from gliding correctly along with the mechanism. This, in turn, can stop the opening mechanism from working correctly, and it can also damage other parts of your garage door.

Jammed cables:

Cables can also become jammed or unwound, making them dangerous to use. If this happens, they may not work correctly. Such problems can cause the opening mechanism to malfunction, making it unsafe for you to use the door. The door might not open fully, or it might open or close too fast, damaging the door and possibly injuring anybody nearby.

types of garage door Cables and Uses

garage door cable repair

Lift Cables

There are two types of lift cable, which have two different kinds of functions, depending on the type of springs you have.  With torsion springs the cables are wound around drums at both ends of an axle or spring shaft. As the spring shaft rotates the cables either extend to drop the door or coil around the drum to lift it. These cables typically last for many years. If they become frayed and snap prematurely, we will need to figure out what type of obstruction is rubbing against the cable to cause the fraying, and fix it. Extension springs on the other hand have a pulley attached to the end over which runs a cable that provides lift for the door. Again, if one of these cables snaps and is not replaced the door will lift unevenly and eventually fail outright.

safety garage door cables

Safety Cables

The safety cable is another essential part of a garage door’s opening system because it is the primary safety mechanism. There are some instructions and guidelines that you need to follow when repairing or replacing this component, which is why it’s vital that you have a professional do the job for you. At Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair, we can repair and replace parts like these for you.

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