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Your garage door has a metal track that runs from the ground to the top of the ceiling. This is how the door moves up and down. To do that effectively, there are rollers and other components. At times, the door can get off track. When that happens, you need professionals who can help you fix the problem. At Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair, we can fix any and all causes for an off-track garage door. There can be various causes for an off-track garage door. It could be as a result of a bent or broken garage door panel, rusted rollers, bent tracks or some other loose parts making the door move up and down unevenly.
Off Track Garage Door

Several Reasons May Cause a Garage Door to Fall off Track

Garage doors operate efficiently most of the time and have no problems. Still, the components can malfunction or wear down after a certain amount of time. Here are some of the reasons that your garage door is off track:

Bad Rollers

Components wear down, and depending on the types of rollers you have, they only last for a specific period of time. They can start wobbling or get stuck. Generally, lubrication can help, but you may need to have them replaced.

Broken Springs

If a spring has broken on one side, it is going to cause the other spring to work harder and throw the door out of balance. Therefore, the rollers are likely to get off track because of that.

Car Collision

If you accidentally drive a vehicle into the door, it could jolt it enough that the garage door rollers come out of the tracks. Rollers are just one of the many problems that might occur, bent tracks, broken hinges, bent panels and more can all throw your garage door off track. In any of these cases you are going to need a professional to help fix the problem.

Damaged Lift Cables

If the garage door fell off track, it could be from damaged lift cables. They can get worn with age. On both sides of your door, there are heavy-duty cables. If the door is misaligned, they could break, unraveling over time until they just snap. When that happens, the door shifts to the side and runs off track.

Bent Tracks

Those horizontal tracks running from the ceiling to the floor might bend with a door that’s too heavy. The tracks themselves have to be strong and sturdy enough to hold up the full weight of the door, sometimes for extended periods of time. Sometimes, they can get bent or misaligned over time and usage.

Why Choose Us as Your Expert Garage Door Company

If you have noticed that the garage door is off track for any reason, it needs to be fixed ASAP, otherwise, other components could start malfunctioning. Call Greenwood Garage & Opener Repair to get an appointment today.