Garage Door Spring Repair

A garage door lasts for a long time. In fact, you might just have your garage door replaced once or twice in your lifetime. A garage door only requires minimum maintenance depending on the type of garage door that you have. It is heavy duty and it is a good investment for your home.

Despite being heavy duty, some parts of a garage door may wear out easily especially when they are used multiple times a day. A garage door does a lot of heavy lifting, lowering, and raising in a day and this can eventually lead to its breakdown. It’s a given fact that metal parts eventually wear out and so the metal parts of a garage door just like the springs wear out even before the whole garage door breaks down.

Garage door springs can last up to 30 years. The springs of a garage door are the parts that get the most stress. Because of this, there is a big probability that the garage door springs are the first parts that will break down. When one of the spring breaks, the garage door wouldn’t be able to function properly. If you try to manually open or close the garage door, you will notice that the garage door feels very heavy to lift or it may slam down hard when you try to close it.

Types of Garage Door Spring

If you are about to have a garage door spring repair or garage door spring replacement, the first step would be to determine the type of garage door spring that you have. There are two types of garage door spring: torsion spring and extension spring. Torsion springs can be found above the opening of the garage door where the springs slide onto a bar. Extension springs are located alongside the opening of the garage door.

In a torsion spring system, a single coiled spring runs parallel to the garage door which counters the weight of the door. In an extension spring system, there are two springs that can be found on each side of the garage door which run parallel to the overhead door traces.

How Garage Door Springs Work

The spring is an integral part of a garage door. Its main function is to assist both the manual or mechanical closing and opening of the overhead door. Without the springs, it will be almost impossible to lift and lower the garage door manually or automatically. The reason why springs undergo tension and a lot of pressure is because when the garage door is being closed, they help lift the heavy garage door and when it is time to open it, the springs help lower it.

Cost of Garage Door Spring Repair

Torsion and extension springs are relatively cheap and they could cost less than $50 but there are additional costs for the other tools needed for doing the repair such as the clamp, safety goggles, and gloves. The cost of a garage door spring repair ranges from $50 to $400 depending on a number of factors. The actual cost of the repair depends on the type of garage door that you have, the condition of your garage, the type of springs required, and your location.

Of course it’s cheaper to do the repair or replacement of a garage door opener or garage door spring but it is risky and can be quite dangerous especially if it’s not done correctly. You may also end up spending more money instead of saving a lot because if you make a mistake, it may damage other parts of the garage door and you will end up having to more parts of the garage door repaired or replaced instead of just the garage door springs. It can also be hazardous for you or for the members of your family because if you don’t get to install the springs properly, once they get lose, the garage door might fall on anyone.

It’s not advisable to do a DIY on garage door spring repair or replacement despite the hundreds of tutorials available on the internet because garage door springs contain a lot of small parts and screws that need to be put together correctly. Also, if there’s a warranty, attempting to install a replacement spring for your garage door on your own can void it.

Let the professionals handle the repair or replacement of your garage door opener and/or garage door springs. Professional technicians are well-trained in doing garage door repairs and replacement and they can do the job safely, quickly, and correctly. They will also explain in detail what needs to be done or why they need to perform these tasks so that you will have an idea of what you are getting yourself into.

We have professional technicians who are equipped with adequate knowledge, skills, and experience when it comes to repairing or replacing garage door springs. They are fully equipped to work on both torsion and extension springs. They also have experience in repairing and replacing broken sectional garage door springs at commercial properties as well as broken residential garage door springs.

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