Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair

Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair

If you are having troubles with your garage door opener or any garage-related issues, our team of professional experts can help you with that. We have the knowledge and skills necessary for getting the job done, no matter how small or big it is


Our Garage Door Services

Opener Repair

At Greenwood Garage Door Repair, we install ‘Liftmaster’ and ‘Chamberlain’ garage door openers, and we repair ‘Craftsman’ openers.

Rollers Repair

If you notice your garage door isn’t moving as smoothly anymore, or maybe you hear a squeaking noise, you rollers might be the problem. 

Spring Repair

Hear a loud bang? Your garage door won’t open all the way? You most likely need new springs. We repair both Torsion and Extension garage door springs. 

Off Track Services

There are a few reasons your garage door falls off its tracks, most important thing is not to try and fix it yourself – you might make things worse. 

Cable Repair

Garage Door Cables can fray, rust, jam and break overtime. It’s important you get them fixed ASAP to avoid further issues with the other garage door parts. 

Panel Replacement

Replacing your whole garage door might not be necessary, in some cases a panel replacement is all it takes. Call Greenwood to consult. 

About Us

Why Choose Greenwood Garage Door & Opener Repair for All your Garage Door Needs.

Our professional technicians are not only certified and insured, but they are also trained in accordance with industry standards. Once you call us, we will immediately deploy them to perform an assessment of your garage door. So whether you are in need of garage door spring repair, garage door opener repair, or you need to replace your garage door remote, know that we are always here to help you!

Whatever the issue is with your garage door, know that you have a Greenwood, IN garage door service company ready to serve you. Keep in mind that repairing the garage door yourself is not advisable, especially since it will only cause more harm than good. Instead, let our professional technicians do the heavy lifting for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!